Thunder Rosa referred to as a “coward piece of sh” by a former AEW wrestler

As previously noted, there were reports of former AEW star Ivelisse having legitimate heat with Thunder Rosa and Ivelisse responded to a fan’s comment about her being “unprofessional” during a match against Rosa on an episode of Dynamite in 2020.

On November 9th 2022, Ivelisse tweeted a reminder about the match.

“Never forget the moment this b decided to be a coward piece of sh and shoot punch me when she was supposed to block my shot + something else, and also the balls to pull my hair this way. She lucky I’m a pro and didn’t proceed to break her jaw.”

When a fan asked about Ivelisse about no-selling during the match, here was her response…

“Once again, you annoying idiot, this is nothing compared to what I couldve done in rage, luckily Im a pro and managed to ignore most of her sh, I already stated it was one of two and she did much more, that right there is me miraculously holding my rage in to continue the match”

Rosa is currently the AEW women’s world champion but has been out of action due to a reported injury.