Update on Thunder Rosa’s recovery from her back injury

As previously noted, AEW women’s champion Thunder Rosa was pulled from the 2022 AEW All Out PPV due to injury and there have been reports of her having backstage heat.

In a video published to her YouTube channel, Rosa provided an update on her recovery…

“Hello everyone, sorry I’ve been gone. I just came back from my little break. I’m here at the South Texas Spine & Joint Institute with Dr. Kaiser. He is the one who helped me out, find out that I had a back injury. I’ll be coming here pretty often. I’ve been treated by him for over four years so he knows me very well. […] So I just had my first treatment. It’s gonna be six weeks, just to start. I’m going to be here four times a week.”

“I’ve been up and about all day, since like eight in the morning. I’m doing my first physical therapy session today. This is after six weeks of being injured. Not traveling has actually made a huge difference.” (quotes courtesy of 411Mania.com)