Thunder Rosa gives her thoughts on Saraya (Paige) becoming part of AEW

During an appearance on Busted Open Radio, AEW women’s champion Thunder Rosa discussed Saraya (Paige) becoming part of AEW

“I hope she is completely cleared to wrestle. She is going to teach a lot of the girls a lot of cool stuff that otherwise they wouldn’t have the opportunity to do. Wrestling was her bread and butter for a long time and she knows the grind. Before she got signed, she was in the indies struggling just like everybody else. One of the things that Saraya has is that she has not changed her core. She continues to be the same person that she was before. I’m really interested to get to know her on another level. I know that fans are very excited to see her because they haven’t seen her wrestle in a while and they are very eager for that. Company-wise and ratings-wise, this is going to be great for ratings and going to be great for the women’s division. You cannot deny that.”

“I want to come back a way that you guys have never seen me before and having Saraya there, I’m like ‘alright yeah’ there’s even more competition. Yes I’m on top, but when you have bigger sharks in the tank you better start eating because you have to get bigger than the shark that wants to take what you have. So, it is going to be very interesting. She brings a lot to the women’s division. She brings a brand, something that is needed in the division too. That you cannot deny. I know Tony does a lot of stuff because he wants ratings. We want to be number one. If you start something and you don’t want to be number one, don’t start it.” (quotes courtesy of