The latest regarding Daniel Bryan’s status in the wrestling business

It was previously reported that Daniel Bryan’s WWE contract expired shortly after his match against Roman Reigns on the April 30th edition of Smackdown.

Even though Bryan’s name has been mentioned on television in recent weeks, it’s said to not be an indication that he’s returning to WWE. Dave Meltzer of noted that Bryan’s name is being referenced to explain in storyline why Edge wasn’t able to win the Universal Title.

Meltzer noted the following regarding Bryan and WWE…

“Nobody really knows what he’s doing past if he’s made a secret deal with any company, they are keeping it a secret until doing a dramatic reveal when they want to.”

As of May, Bryan and WWE were reportedly in talks about a new contract but no additional information has come out since.

During a recent edition of Busted Open Radio, AEW President Tony Khan mentioned that there are more surprises coming which has led to fan speculation about Bryan and AEW…