New details regarding Daniel Bryan’s WWE contract expiring

It was previously reported that Daniel Bryan’s WWE contract expired shortly after last Friday’s episode of WWE Smackdown.

In an update on Bryan, Mike Johnson of is reporting that Bryan was “officially” removed from the company’s roster at some point during the past three days. Johnson noted that “there are no current creative plans for Bryan but the two sides are still talking” and added that it’s unknown what Bryan’s contractual status is with the Total Bellas show., the site that broke the story, provided more details on Bryan’s contract expiring…

“WWE sources indicated that backstage, Bryan didn’t make a big deal about his contract expiring, and many only heard it through the grapevine over the past few weeks as opposed to from Bryan himself.”

For what it’s worth, Fightful added that two talent in AEW were asked about Bryan and they believe he will be staying with WWE.