Taz addresses Ridge Holland’s suplex that led to Big E suffering a broken neck

As previously noted, Big E announced that he suffered a broken neck during the March 11th 2022 edition of WWE Smackdown.

AEW personality Taz addressed Ridge Holland’s suplex to Big E that led to the injury. Taz also responded to fan comments…

“I’ve said it many times over the years, suplexing is ALL about proper technique & training, not strength. 🙏 Big E.”

[Fan comment: “i think he means being outspoken on twitter against another company when its not about the company, its about a man who took a hard bump, NOH8”] “Has NOTHING to do w/the company he wrestles for! In AEW I work with those men, I respect them & share a lockeroom with them. This other fellow who suplex Big E, I’ve never met him I don’t know him I have no direct contact to him. So I gave my opinion here on his suplex. Simple.”

“There r ‘botches’ in all companies 4 MANY years. It’s a VERY dangerous business. Even athletes that r trained correctly get hurt on mistakes. My issues is doing moves that u aren’t trained properly in.”

“Again, I will say it’s not about what company he wrestles for. That falls on the wrestler himself to have good technique & training not on the company he works for!! These are adults, it’s in them to do what you do good, not what you see someone else do on TV that you want to do.”

[Fan comment: “It’s in the Company that trained him and put him in the position and put together the match.”] “The company trains you but they don’t hold your fucking hand like a little child. You’re an adult and you have to be prepared it’s not on the company to hold your hand. And u don’t know who put the match together, you’re not in the ‘know’ who put that match together. Nor am I.”