Talks between Cody Rhodes and WWE have reportedly “fizzled out”

As previously noted, Cody Rhodes’ AEW departure was officially announced after months of speculation about his future.

While Cody was said to have been in talks with WWE, Cassidy Haynes of is now reporting that conversations between the two sides have “fizzled out.” Haynes wrote the following…

“Once source indicated that there is hope that Cody can be brought back into the AEW fold. The idea was floated to me that there might be a possibility again, with a new role involving the ROH acquisition.”

On’s message board, Dave Meltzer addressed the report…

“Vince McMahon didn’t think they fizzled as of two days ago.”

Jon Huber’s widow Amanda recently stated that Cody leaving AEW was not a work and Haynes was told by sources that Cody leaving the company was “very much real life.”