Sunny released from police custody after posting bond and then publicly blasts podcast host

As previously noted, WWE Hall of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch was arrested on Friday night and is facing numerous charges from her March 2022 car accident including DUI manslaughter in connection with the death of 75-year old Julian L. Lasseter.

Podcast host Don Tony wrote the following on Twitter in regards to Sytch’s boyfriend James Pente and the vehicle that Sytch was driving in the accident…

“I received the report about the 2012 Mercedes. James Pente claimed Tammy bought the vehicle. However, he titled, registered AND insured it in his name. If he insured it so she can drive it, he has a MAJOR problem. Cause he knew she was unlicensed. Insurance company could very well deny the accident claim and attempt to remove their liability from the fatal car crash. That means Mr Pente will not have legal representation on behalf of his insurance carrier. I’ll update everyone once I receive the insurance claim info.”

Sytch, who posted bond on Saturday afternoon and was released from police custody, returned to Twitter and had an exchange with Don Tony…

Sytch: “Quit trying to play Law and Order and just stick to your shitty little podcast! You are not a detective and what you are saying is complete garbage. That’s why you avoided talking to the man you are accusing of these things. You are a total fraud!”

Don Tony: “I hate Law And Order. And I haven’t even revealed any specific info at all. And as I told a few of your friends, I didn’t talk to James because it’s not smart when you and he are in a civil lawsuit for Auto Negligence and Vicarious Liability. I looked to get answers; not views.”

Sytch: “You look to get views! If you were ever truly seeking answers…. THE VERY FIRST PEOPLE THAT YOU WOULD ASK WOULD BE THE PEOPLE INVOLVED! Instead of gathering both sides and then coming to a conclusion, you base your podcast on 1 side. That not broadcasting, that’s just bullshit.”

Don Tony: “Conclusion? I haven’t even done my show yet tonight! Ive always been fair & have been bashed for it. If anything, it’s out of respect for some of your friends who I talk to and are torn about this. I assure you, NOTHING I ever said was wrong. And NONE of it has been disrespectful”

Sytch: “You are a disrespectful piece of shit when you accuse my man of lying about a car that BOTH OF US HAVE SAID BELONGED TO ME! When my friend reached out to you in order to set the record straight and you refused to even speak…. IT SPEAKS VOLUMES OF YOUR PODCAST! I am done even wasting my time with you. Anybody who seeks the ‘truth’ would be first to ask those involved. You are looking for views and dial respecting my boyfriend by doing it. Fuck you and your bullshit podcast, have a great weekend lying pos!”

Don Tony: “Final Tammy Sytch update for today. She is RELEASED on $227,500 BOND (costs around $28K inc fees). I’ll put all the info I have including alot of exclusive details you aren’t going to find elsewhere (right now) on tonight’s show. It starts live 8:05PM EST”

Sytch: “I was busy taking care of that $227,000 bond while you are running your fucking mouth about me. YOU HAVE ZERO EXCUSIVE INFO AND YOUR PODCAST IS NOTHING BUT PASSED ON SECOND HAND MIS INFORMATION PERIOD!”

The exchange continued…

Don Tony: “I hate having to prove myself. But here is the actual DM to your friend. Show me where I said your boyfriend was lying? I specifically said I was trying to find out the truth. I’ve been nothing but professional and respectful about this. Because I want facts, not views.”

Sytch: “First and foremost it’s none of your fucking business. Second of all you were given the opportunity to talk and passed because you need viewers for your piss ant podcast. I have heard enough of your bullshit. Have the balls to tell us who bought what car? Go fuck off! Your entire story is garbage. Your podcast is garbage too. I can easily pick apart your bullshit stories but you are not worth the time. YOU DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT STATE THE CAR WAS BOUGHT IN… LET ALONE WHO BOUGHT AND INSURED IT. Everything that you say is bullshit. Buh bye!”