Sunny publicly comments on her car accident that led to a driver’s death

As previously noted, Tammy “Sunny” Sytch was involved in a three-car crash on March 25th 2022 that led to the death of one of the drivers.

In the aftermath of the accident, a lawsuit was filed against Sytch and her boyfriend James F. Pente on April 12th before the Circuit Court of the Sevenths Judicial Circuit in and for Volusia County, Florida by the estate of Julian L. Lasseter. The lawsuit alleges that Sytch was “intoxicated” and was operating her boyfriend’s vehicle with his consent. It also claimed that Sytch “negligently operated or maintained her motor vehicle” which led to the accident and the death of Lasseter.

For the first time, Sytch publicly commented on the accident. Here was an exchange on Twitter between a fan and Sytch…

Fan: “Question For You: How fast were you going when you slammed into the poor old guy stopped at a traffic light and killed him? His life ended for what reason? Were you on your way to a fire? or drunk? or high?”

Sytch: “Hmmmabout 10 since I was slowing down to. Light. But he had a heart. Attack. Nothing to do with my seizure.”

Sytch also addressed negative comments she has received on Twitter…

“QUESTION FOR ALL: why follow me (and others) just to write nasty comments and derogatory remarks? Is your life that fucking boring?? Can’t you think of something to do? Like assemble LEGOS?? or dress like Star Wars characters? Doesn’t it show your insecurities ??”