Cody Rhodes reflects on being booed by fans at the end of his AEW run

Towards the end of his run with AEW, Cody Rhodes was receiving mixed reactions from fans at events and he even addressed the boos during an interview with Busted Open Radio.

A fan on Twitter called out the “haters” and wrote that Cody is getting the “respect he deserves” now that he’s back in WWE…

“Listen all you haters who booed @CodyRhodes on AEW, him is getting all the respect he deserves now. Cody you are exactly what you believe yourself to be, don’t sweat them fools.”

Cody responded to the fan…

“I appreciate it fam

But it’s all good – it was the quirky thing to do for a minute and as a wrestler you just want ‘loudest the longest’ – I had some fun matches amidst that noise, wouldn’t change a thing

It led us into this next chapter, truly a love story”