Steve Austin says Cody Rhodes losing at WWE Wrestlemania 39 was “definitely the right call”

While speaking to, Steve Austin commented on Cody Rhodes being unable to “finish the story” and defeat Roman Reigns at WWE Wrestlemania 39

“I loved the finish. I loved all of it. Roman is so good right now. The story was there—Cody coming back from injury, coming back into the fold after he left from AEW, and putting himself in the position he’s in now, overcoming all this adversity as part of one of the most famous wrestling families that’s ever been in the business, and trying to finish the story against Roman. I watched both nights of WrestleMania 39 very intently. To me, you can’t take that belt off Roman right now. You want to get it to Cody somehow, someway, some time—but now’s not the time.”

“Just thinking about that finish, I thought it was definitely the right call. I loved the outside interference. You didn’t know what was coming next. That spike to the throat, for me, it was money.”