Steve Austin comments on his match against Kevin Owens at WWE Wrestlemania 38

After 19 years of retirement, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin returned to the ring at WWE Wrestlemania 38 and defeated Kevin Owens in a no-holds-barred match.

Afterwards, Austin was interviewed by WWE and said the following about the experience…

“I came here looking for anything, this is where I started. I was lucky enough to finish here, KO is outstanding, but he ran his mouth a little too much and it finally caught up with him. But, it was really an honor to be here on such a stack card with so many great matches.”

“You just love the crowd, you love the crowd and, the guys and girls before me had so many great matches. It’s really hard to follow that, but you live and die by that crowd. And this crowd is so faithful, so loyal, so rambunctious they’re behind everything you do. So I give a shout out to the WWE superstars that work before me, the ones who work tomorrow night. But I give the biggest shout out to the crowd because, I never expected to be able to headline a WrestleMania, at this day and time. So it’s all about the WWE Universe.”