Results of The Kevin Owens Show with Steve Austin at WWE Wrestlemania 38

The Kevin Owens Show with Steve Austin took place at WWE Wrestlemania 38 Saturday. Here are the highlights…

* The KO Show signs and chairs were in the ring as Owens made his way to the ring. Owens said if the United States was a human body, Texas would be the ass. Owens said he was sorry… for telling the truth about the state and it’s worse than he remembered. Owens said he wasn’t going to bring out Austin until he was ready. Owens kept talking until Austin’s music interrupted him.

* Austin arrived with a t-shirt and jean shorts and saluted the fans on each side of the stadium. Austin then walked to the back and returned while driving an ATV to ringside.

* Austin got in the ring and destroyed the signs. Owens said he wasn’t there for a fight and the two sat down. Austin called Owens a stupid son of a bitch for insulting the state of Texas. Owens tried to convince Austin that he was right about Texas. Austin said 75,000 people were about to call Owens an asshole which they did. Owens said he actually tricked Austin and wants a fight. Owens said he was challenging Austin to a no-holds-barred match. Owens said if Austin wasn’t going to accept the match, he should go back to his “stupid” ranch. Austin asked the fans if they wanted the match and when they said “hell yeah” to him, he asked for a referee.

* A referee arrived and the bell rang to start a match. The two started trading blows. Austin then stomped a mudhole in Owens and sent Owens to the outside of the ring. Austin drank some beer and continued the attack. However, Owens was able to reverse Austin and sent him into the ring post. Owens grabbed a tripod and hit Austin with it.

* Owens tried to thrown Austin through a table but Austin reversed it and Owens went through it. The brawl continued into the stands. Owens ended up giving Austin a suplex on the floor. They went back by the announce table and Austin threw Owens onto the table. Austin stood above Owens and drank some more beer.

* Owens tried to escape on Austin’s ATV but Austin caught him. Austin rode the ATV with Owens up to the stage. Austin gave Owens two suplexes on the stage.

* Austin brought Owens back into the ring. Austin drank more beer but then got hit with a stunner from Owens. However, Austin was able to kick out.

* Owens got a chair and swung but missed and it bounced back at him. Austin then hit a stunner to win the match. Match went about 14 minutes long.

* Austin celebrated and then hit Owens with another stunner. Owens was then escorted from the stadium by Texas rangers. Austin got on the mic and said it was great to be back in Texas because Stone Cold said so.

* Austin brought Byron Saxton in the ring and then gave Saxton a stunner. Austin then shared a beer with his brother and gave him a hug.