Results of Charlotte Flair vs. Ronda Rousey at WWE Wrestlemania 38

Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Ronda Rousey for the Smackdown women’s title took place at WWE Wrestlemania 38 Saturday. Here are the highlights…

* Before the match, the 2022 Hall of Fame inductees were introduced on the stage. The Undertaker had lengthy moment with his entrance music to salute the fans.

* 77,899 was the announced attendance for Wrestlemania 38.

* The two had a feeling out process and both tried to get submission holds on early. Charlotte hit a spear but Rousey kicked out.

* Rousey hit the Piper’s Pit and went for the armbar but Charlotte avoided the submission. Rousey was able to get the ankle lock on but Charlotte countered into her own ankle lock. Rousey escaped and got the ankle lock on again while hooking the leg but Charlotte kicked Rousey to escape.

* Charlotte managed to get the Figure 8 but Ronda rolled to the bottom rope and Michael Cole said Rousey was the first person to get out of the hold.

* Rousey hit Piper’s Pit again but Charlotte got her foot on the rope. Rousey had words with the referee and Charlotte then hit the Natural Selection but Rousey kicked out.

* Charlotte went for the Figure 4 again but Rousey countered. However, in the process Charlotte ended up taking down the referee by accident. Rousey got the armbar on and Charlotte tapped but there was no referee. Rousey checked on the referee but then Charlotte hit a big boot and pinned Rousey.