Stephanie McMahon says her father Vince “still has his eyes for what is best for our business”

During WWE’s August 16th 2022 earnings call, Stephanie McMahon discussed her role as the new co-CEO of the company

“I have worked in WWE since I’ve been about eight years old, modeling merchandise for our then-catalog, in any variety of capacities. My parents couldn’t afford a nanny when we were bringing up the business, so on weekends, I would sit in with our receptionist at headquarters,” Stephanie recalled. “I’ve worked my entire life for this business, I love this business. I took a leave of absence, realizing that I needed a little bit of time with my family given the grueling schedule and nature. I got about three weeks, which is more than a lot of other folks get. I was not forced into returning as CEO and Chairman in the interim position. I offered. That was an opportunity for me to come back and be part of this company that I love and have the opportunity to lead this company. This business is something I believe in to my core. I believe in the impact we make on people’s lives, not only growing the business, which I believe we have so many opportunities to do as has been laid out by all of us, but because of the impact we make. We truly bring people together for generations from all over the world with all different backgrounds. We give them relief, entertainment, an opportunity to come together that is very rare, unusual, and special. Whatever we can do to continue to deliver on that promise is what we want to do.”

“That being said, Vince McMahon, is still very much the controlling shareholder. He still has his eyes for what is best for our business in terms of maximizing return to our shareholders, of which he is the biggest shareholder. Nick, Paul, Frank, and I remain focused on delivering the maximum results to our shareholders. We will properly evaluate any opportunity that comes our way with that lens in mind.” (quotes courtesy of