Speculation about Drew McIntyre’s entrance for WWE Clash at the Castle 2022

This Saturday at WWE’s Clash at the Castle 2022 PLE, Drew McIntyre is set to challenge Roman Reigns for the unified WWE Universal title. For months, fans have speculated about McIntyre possibly entering the stadium to the “Broken Dreams” theme song from his first run with WWE. Back in 2021, McIntyre said the following in regards to using the song again

“Everyone’s asking about Broken Freakin Dreams. One of these days, that music is going to come back. I hear this question all the time. I see it every day on social media. One of these days I’m going to get it approved, have it for a show. I’m positive we still have the rights to it. Everybody in the crowd better know the words to that song because I go out there and people are like ‘what’s that?’ I’m going to be let down.”

During the latest edition of El Brunch de WWE, McIntyre said the following…

“I talk about the possibility of having it [Broken Dreams] for a big match so fingers crossed. [I am] always working to make things happen. I can promise people that.”

This week, McIntyre fueled speculation when he published a workout video that included the song. McIntyre wrote as the caption, “Perhaps the end is drawing near?”