Drew McIntyre using his old Broken Dreams theme song again?

During an appearance on the Battleground podcast, Drew McIntyre teased the idea that he would be using his old Broken Dreams theme song again at some point. McIntyre also made fun of Sheamus’ old theme song Written in my Face in the process…

“I don’t see anyone asking for ‘Lobster Head,’ everyone’s asking about Broken Freakin Dreams. One of these days, that music is going to come back. I hear this question all the time. I see it every day on social media.

One of these days I’m going to get it approved, have it for a show. I’m positive we still have the rights to it. Everybody in the crowd better know the words to that song because I go out there and people are like ‘what’s that?’ I’m going to be let down. Everyone start learning the lyrics because eventually I will get that song and I’ll ensure Sheamus will never have ‘Lobster Head’ as his theme song again.” (quote courtesy of WrestlingNews.co)