Shayna Baszler comments on the changes made in WWE and backstage atmosphere

During an appearance on the Bleav in Pro Wrestling podcast, Shayna Baszler commented on the changes made in WWE and backstage atmosphere…

“If you eat the same meal for a year in a row, it’s gonna get stale and regardless of how you think the product was, just changing the meal up is like, ‘oh, I can’t wait to try this.’ Maybe you’ll hate it. Who knows? But there is a moment in time where it’s exciting and new. So, we’re in that kind of in between where it’s like, oh, this is gonna be good. And I love what’s going on, where you never know what’s gonna happen now.

There’s an overall renewed energy with not just talent and the universe watching, but like production and camera crew people and ring crew people… When you look at NXT Black and Gold and you look at recent weeks, the company’s clearly in good hands. With Stephanie [McMahon] and Triple H and Nick Khan, there was no moment of transition. It was like, all right, bang. And we’re off to the races. It’s been wild.” (quotes courtesy of