Shawn Michaels addresses WWE’s decision to rebrand NXT UK as NXT Europe

While speaking with The Metro, Shawn Michaels commented on WWE’s decision to rebrand NXT UK as NXT Europe

“It’s just a natural expansion of things because that brand, since 2016, has been fantastic. Yes, it’s been quiet and underneath the radar, but I don’t think you’ll find anybody that wouldn’t argue that it’s been a real quality product from its existence.”

“I’m just excited that we’re growing it. A lot of things we have talked about in the past, now they’re finally happening and this talent’s gonna have the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of all their hard work.”

“NXT UK has so much European talent as it is, so it’s only fitting we grow that brand to cover Europe. WWE is a global entity, and NXT is obviously a huge part of that. Being able to help them and be part of that process is really one of the most enjoyable things I’ve ever gotten to do in my entire life.”