Charlotte Flair addresses 2021 “title swap” incident with Becky Lynch

As previously noted, Charlotte Flair was reportedly involved in a backstage confrontation with Becky Lynch after the October 22nd 2021 edition of Smackdown went off the air. Click here for the initial details of what happened during and after the “title swap” segment.

During an appearance on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions, Charlotte commented on throwing the RAW women’s title down to the mat…

“You’ve got two women that want to be the best, that want to be that top spot. I wish I could sit here and tell you that I did it on purpose but if people need me to be that bad guy, I’ll be that bad guy. Things happen on screen. I would never go on a scripted television show and purposely do something on purpose… It was accidental.”

“My character would have never picked it up, Why would I not make Sonya do it? I make someone hold the ropes.” (quotes courtesy of