Sasha Banks opens up about asking for her release from WWE in 2019

During an interview with Ariel Helwani, Sasha Banks talked about how she asked for her release from WWE in 2019 but it was denied by Vince McMahon…

“I felt like I wasn’t giving my highest good. If I’m not giving my highest good, if I’m not being the best, if I’m not used as the best then I gotta go find that. I am always that performer of wanting to be No. 1 and I felt in my heart that I wasn’t feeling just good, I wasn’t feeling good. I felt that I did all that I could and I needed that break. I needed that release and Vince told me, ‘No’. That was a great decision on both ends. He knew what he saw and he’s so smart, he’s so kind, he’s so gentle. He actually knew what I needed, which was ‘time’, at the end of the point all of want a little bit of time.” (quote courtesy of

Sasha took a hiatus from WWE following the Wrestlemania 35 PPV event and returned during the summer.