Saraya opens up about the creative process in AEW

AEW star Saraya did an interview with Inside The Ropes and here are the highlights…

Storyline with The Outcasts: “We want to do a slow burn story. We don’t want to have a microwave story, we want to have an oven story where we take our time with it and have fun and really sink our teeth into it.”

Women’s roster getting more proactive with pitching creative ideas: “It influences a lot of the girls because a lot of girls see that and they do it too. I feel like a lot more girls are doing that nowadays, so there’s more stories being told [featuring female talent].”

Veterans in the locker room giving feedback: “The wonderful thing is that you have Jericho and Moxley. If you ask them to help you out, maybe they’ll come in with us to talk to Tony [Khan]. [Then] we’ll all have a conversation. Tony’s always very receptive. You just have to ask. If he doesn’t want to do a certain idea, he’ll just be like, ‘I love it, but I want to do this this week and maybe we can do that next week or the week after.’ It really helps to pitch the idea to Moxley and Jericho to see if they like it … in case we [wasting] our time.” (quotes courtesy of