Saraya interested in having a match against Mercedes Mone at AEW All In

While speaking to Raj Prashad of, Saraya commented on potential opponents for the AEW All In event at Wembley Stadium in London…

“I haven’t performed in the UK in years. And then to be on one of the biggest stages you can get over there, Wembley Stadium, it’s just a very wild opportunity. It does have that WrestleMania 1 vibe where this is something really special. I feel so fortunate that I get to be a part of history.”

“I would love to face Jamie Hayter. That would be amazing, because she’s also from the UK — I’ve had the opportunity to be in a tag and triple threat, but not a singles match, and I would love that opportunity. Do we open that Forbidden Door? Mercedes Mone, I would love to face her there. That would be such a full circle moment. There’s so much opportunity there.”

Saraya Is Ready To Help Build AEW’s ‘WrestleMania Moment’

When Saraya showed up in AEW, it wasn’t clear from the outset what her role would be in the promotion. She’d been successful as an onscreen voice since suffering what was deemed a career-ending injury nearly five years prior in WWE.