Bill Goldberg says WWE did not give him the “proper retirement match” they agreed upon

During an interview with Adam Carriker on 93.7 The Ticket, Bill Goldberg commented on his future in wrestling now that his WWE contract has expired…

“Vince McMahon and I had a handshake understanding that, you know, after the Roman Reigns match I would have a proper retirement match. And, you know, that hasn’t come to fruition through them. So, therefore… You know, nobody puts a stamp on my career. Nobody tells me when I’m done, period. When somebody tells me that, you know, I kinda like to fight against it. I like to do things my own way and I go out my own way. And I certainly don’t go out, you know, under Roman Reigns, you know, three weeks after I’ve had Covid and agreed to a match.” (quote courtesy of

Goldberg added that “anything and everything is an option” in regards to his wrestling future.