Sammy Guevara addresses rumors of him having backstage heat in AEW

As previously noted, Andrade El Idolo and Sammy Guevara were reportedly involved in a physical altercation in 2022 that led to Andrade being sent home from AEW Dynamite. During an interview with, Guevara addressed rumors of him having backstage heat in AEW…

“I have no problems with anybody there, I say ‘what’s up’ to everybody. But, the internet likes to spin a story, I understand negativity brings in those clicks.”

“I think I am getting the people back. I think 2022 they really hated me, and then 2023 I think they’re kind of waking up to like, ‘okay maybe we were a little stupid, maybe he actually is the GOAT.’ The people regardless of if they hate me or like me, they react to me, and I think the worst thing that can happen when you come out is no reaction. Let me tell ya, some of these guys, they may get no reaction.” (quotes courtesy of