Ryback will not apologize for comments he made about Vince McMahon’s mother

As previously noted, former WWE star Ryback publicly called out Vince McMahon on Twitter. Ryback wrote that Vince “had no control watching his mom get beat up as a child, which is a horrendous thing for a kid to witness, as their whore mom tries to make ends meet.”

Ryback received negative feedback for his Tweets and here was his response to a fan suggesting that an apology should be made…

“100% No. I stand by what I said and appreciate all the love and support from those who side with good over evil. I simply am speaking the truth on why he is the way he is and it needs to be known. Stop supporting evil. 💪”

“This man has killed more wrestlers than anyone and continues to as he approaches his end. His mother was a nice and sweet woman, but I will speak the truth as this living demon continues to try and hurt me and my brand. #Ryback TM”

Ryback also wrote the following…

“If a man broke into your house & was going to hurt your family would you just sit there and be positive & loving or would you do what we needed to be done? 6 years of evil that many of you can’t see, so it’s best to not judge off 1 thing that needed to be done. The truth will win.”