Rumored plans for the 6/2/23 edition of WWE Smackdown following Night of Champions

The June 2nd 2023 edition of WWE Smackdown will feature fallout from the Night of Champions PLE. Twitter account Boozer aka Better Wrestling Experience #BWE, which has been leaking plans for WWE television in recent weeks, tweeted about several potential segments…

* For Roman Reigns’ celebration of 1000 days as Universal Champion, “Reigns will influence protection from the Usos via Adam Pearce.” There is reportedly discussion over a current legend introducing Reigns (not Rikishi) for the segment.

Click here for a report regarding a potential new title belt design being unveiled for Reigns.

* Grayson Waller speaking with Asuka.

* Matches include Austin Theory and Pretty Deadly vs. The Brawling Brutes along with The OC vs. Hit Row. Boozer noted that there is “discussion over Styles being more aggressive and determined. Might kick off on SD.” also reported that WWE has brought in “a half dozen extras” to serve as security guards for Smackdown but it’s unclear which segment they will be part of.