Roman Reigns reportedly has record merchandise sales for a top heel star in WWE

As previously noted, Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar is not expected to be a “one and done” program and it’s believed that Lesnar will return for a rematch.

According to Paul Davis of, Brock Lesnar’s next scheduled match after Crown Jewel is currently planned for the 2022 Royal Rumble PPV event. As far as Roman Reigns goes, it’s believed that he won’t be losing the title any time in the near future and the company is said to be “very happy” with Reigns as a heel. Davis wrote the following regarding Reigns…

“We were told that he is the all-time merchandise seller among top heel wrestlers in the history of the company. One source told us that his merchandise sales are at the level of John Cena and it’s more impressive because Cena sold a ton of merchandise as a babyface while Reigns is supposed to be a despised heel.”

Lesnar is currently scheduled to appear on the October 15th 2021 Smackdown prior to his match against Reigns at the 2021 Crown Jewel PPV.