Rob Van Dam comments on if he still communicates with Triple H and Vince McMahon

During an appearance on Marty Jannetty’s podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam was asked if he still communicates with Triple H and Vince McMahon. Here was RVD’s response…

“No… I never really talk to Hunter. If I had that relationship with him where we talked, then maybe I would be there. I’m assuming that’s a big reason why I’m not there… Everyone can see I’m still in f*cking better shape than ever. I can work with a motherf*cker. If you ask me why I’m not there, I’d probably say relationships with the office but I don’t know.”

RVD also noted that he hasn’t spoken with Vince since the 2022 scandals

“Once this thing happened with Vince and the scandal, I heard from Kevin Nash actually but it wasn’t firsthand. I heard him say that Vince changed his number. I tried his number and got nothing. I haven’t talked to him since then.”