Sexual assault allegation made against Vince McMahon resurfaces in New York Magazine article

As previously noted, Vince McMahon has temporarily has stepped down as WWE Chairman & CEO. Stephanie McMahon, who will be filling in as the interim Chairman & CEO, issued a message to WWE staff.

In 1992, former WWE referee Rita Chatterton publicly accused WWE/WWF owner Vince McMahon of sexual assault in the summer of 1986. During an appearance on The Geraldo Rivera Show, Chatterton described what allegedly happened…

“Vince continued to, you know, ‘If you want a half-a-million-dollar contract, you’re going to have to satisfy me, and this is the way things have to go. Vince grabbed my hand, kept trying to put my hand on him. I was scared. At the end, my wrist was all purple, black, and blue. Things just didn’t … He just … God, he just didn’t stop. This man just didn’t stop.”

“I was forced into oral sex with Vince McMahon. When I couldn’t complete his desires, he got really angry, started ripping off my jeans, pulled me on top of him, and told me again that, if I wanted a half-a-million-dollar-a-year contract, that I had to satisfy him. He could make me or break me, and if I didn’t satisfy him, I was black-balled, that was it, I was done.”

The claims by Chatterton have resurfaced in a New York Magazine article by Abraham Riesman. Former wrestler Leonard Inzitari aka Mario Mancini spoke with Riesman and corroborated the allegation. Here is an excerpt from the article…

According to Inzitari, in that summer of 1986, he found Chatterton standing alone near the wrestling ring a few hours before a WWF show. “She looks at me and bursts out in tears,” Inzitari recalls. “And she grabbed me, and I go, ‘Rita, what happened?’”

Chatterton began to reply: “I was in Vince’s limo …”

Before she could continue, Inzitari let out an involuntary, “Oh, no.”

“Lenny, he took his penis out,” he said Chatterton told him between sobs. “He kinda forced my head down there, and I made it known I wasn’t interested in doing that.”

Inzitari was not surprised. He had “heard a lot of different stories” about McMahon’s sexual proclivities. “He was strange, brother.” (McMahon did not respond to a request for comment made through WWE and his personal lawyer, Jerry McDevitt.)

Inzitari asked Chatterton what happened next.

“Then, [Vince] pulled me on top of him,” she told her friend. According to her, she was wearing jeans that McMahon forcibly took off. Soon, as Inzitari puts it, “He was inside her.”

“You’re done,” Inzitari remembers telling Chatterton. “Your time’s numbered. You’re not gonna be here.”

You can check out the full article below…