Rhea Ripley says she had a panic attack right before her WWE Wrestlemania 40 match against Becky Lynch

As seen during the WWE Wrestlemania 40 Saturday PLE, Rhea Ripley defeated Becky Lynch to retain her women’s world tile. While speaking at a WWE World panel after the match, Rhea said the following…

“It’s quite funny how this whole thing works in this crazy world. I legit was having a straight-up panic attack two hours before I walked through the curtain, and I was violently shaking, just nervous. If you don’t get nervous before you go out, especially at WrestleMania, you obviously don’t love it enough. That’s the way I think about it. So I’m glad the nerves were there. But at the same time, that was sort of taking over my body.

So when I got to step through into the stage with the band Motionless in White, all those nerves that I had just sort of flew away. I was in the zone, I was moshing out like it was a little mosh pit. I was living in the moment, and that’s what I love about this business. We get to live in the moment a lot of the time. I just snap into Rhea Ripley, and I’m instantly comfortable, instantly ready to go and ready to fight.” (quote courtesy of Colin Tessier)