Results of women’s tag team titles match at WWE NXT Stand and Deliver 2023

Fallon Henley and Kiana James (c) (with Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen) vs. Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn for the NXT women’s tag team titles took place during the WWE NXT Stand and Deliver 2023 PLE in Los Angeles, CA. Here were the highlights…

* Henley and James were jumped before the match got started. Fyre and Dawn worked over Henley until James got a hot tag. James sent Fyre and Dawn to the outside and wiped them out with a moonsault off the apron. Henley tagged back and hit a blockbuster but Dawn kicked out.

* Fyre and Dawn were able to regain control and double teamed Henley but James was able to break up a pinfall attempt. James and Henley nearly won the match with a top rope dropkick/powerbomb combo.

* James wanted the bag that Briggs and Jensen had in order to win the match but couldn’t get it. Dawn hit James with a backstabber and Fyre came off the top with a swanton to capture the tag titles.