Results of Johnny Gargano vs. Grayson Waller at WWE NXT Stand and Deliver 2023

Johnny Gargano vs. Grayson Waller in an unsanctioned match took place during the WWE NXT Stand and Deliver 2023 PLE in Los Angeles, CA. Here were the highlights…

* Candice LeRae and Quill were at ringside to watch the match.

* Gargano went right after Waller when the match started and tossed Waller over the announce desk. Announcer Booker T fell out of his seat during the melee. Gargano went for a dive to the outside but Waller hit Gargano with a trash can lid.

* Waller set up multiple chairs on the outside of the ring but it was Gargano that suplexed Waller off the apron onto the chairs.

* Gargano set up a table on the outside of the ring. Gargano went for his one final beat DDT but was caught with a knee to the face. Waller tried to hit a superkick but Gargano avoided it. The two were back on the outside and Waller powerbombed Gargano through the table.

* Waller gave Gargano a sidewalk slam through a chair and then used a kendo stick on Gargano’s back. On the outside, Waller taunted Candice which allowed Gargano was able to regain the upper hand. Candice jumped the barricade and hit Waller with the kendo stick.

* Back in the ring, Gargano hit the One Final Beat but Waller kicked out. Gargano applied the Gargano escape submission but Waller was able to escape by grabbing the eyes. Waller hit the coast to coast with a trash can over Gargano’s head but Gargano kicked out.

* Gargano was laid out on the announce table. Waller climbed up the top rope but Gargano threw a chair at his face. Gargano then powerbombed Waller through the table.

* Waller regained control with a low blow and hit a stunner but Gargano kicked out again. Waller used a chair but then Gargano gave Waller a low blow of his own. Gargano hit Waller with the chair repeatedly and then won with the Gargano escape.

* After the match, Gargano and Candice had a reunion with Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis.