Results of Toni Storm vs. Riho at AEW Worlds End 2023 PPV

Toni Storm vs. Riho for the AEW women’s title took place at the 2023 AEW Worlds End PPV event. Here are the highlights…

* Riho got in early offense and Toni slipped to the outside. Riho went for a crossbody off the apron but was caught by Luther. Luther handed Riho over to Toni and Toni took control of the match.

* Riho started to make a comeback but started selling her back and Toni took advantage by stepping on the back. Toni was able to use Luther to deliver offense on the outside of the ring. Luther kept interfering and the referee finally ejected Luther from ringside.

* Riho was finally able to build up momentum but couldn’t put away Toni despite multi pin attempts. Toni knocked Riho off the top rope and retained her title with a DDT. After the match, Mariah May celebrated with Toni by bring rose petals into the ring.