Results of the women’s Iron Survivor challenge match at WWE NXT Deadline 2023 PLE

The women’s Iron Survivor challenge match (Tiffany Stratton, Lash Legend, Blair Davenport, Kelani Jordan and Fallon Henley) took place during the WWE NXT Deadline 2023 PLE. Here were the highlights…

* The wrestler with the most points at the end of the 25-minute match would be declared the winner. Anyone that lost a fall would have to spend 90 seconds in a penalty box.

* Fallon and Blair started the match. The two traded numerous nearfalls in the first few minutes.

* Tiffany was the third entrant. Tiffany and Blair double teamed Fallon. Fallon was able to briefly fight them off but then Tiffany and Blair applied dueling submissions. The alliance ended when Tiffany gave Blair a superkick. Tiffany was about to pin Fallon when Balir stole the pin to gain the first point.

* Kelani was the fourth entrant. After being in the penalty box, Fallon got back into the match and scored a pin over Tiffany.

* Lash was the final entrant and immediately powerbombed Fallon and Tiffany out of the corner. Lash then gave a double superplex to Kelani and Blair. Lash then pinned Fallon and Tiffany at the same time to score two points.

* The group Meta-Four blocked the door so Tiffany and Fallon couldn’t get out. Fallon climbed to the top but Tiffany pushed her and Fallon crashed through the announce table below. Tiffany then climbed up and delivered a dive from the top onto everyone below.

* Back in the ring, Flair pinned Kelani to score a 2nd point and the crowd started a “this is awesome” chant. Tiffany hit the prettiest moonsault ever to Lash to score her 1st point. Blair pinned Fallon to score her 3rd point and survived the clock to win the match.

* After the match, Blair cut a promo. Women’s champion Lyra Valkyria appeared by the stage but was then attacked from behind by the returning Cora Jade.