Results of Dominik Mysterio vs. Dragon Lee at WWE NXT Deadline 2023 PLE

NXT North American Champion “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio vs. Dragon Lee took place during the WWE NXT Deadline 2023 PLE. Here were the highlights…

* Rey Mysterio came out for Lee’s entrance and did commentary at ringside.

* The crowd immediately started a “we want Mami” chant when the match started. Lee got the early momentum and hit a dive to Mysterio on the outside. Lee got Dominik back in the ring and continued his offense. Dominik finally got the upper hand when he caught Lee in the ropes.

* Dominik taunted the fans and his father while working over Lee. Dominik delivered the three amigos and then stopped his own pin attempt on Lee to deliver more punishment. The tide turned when Lee gave Dominik a double stomp onto the ring apron.

* Lee delivered another double stomp in the ring but Dominik was able to grab the rope. Dominik regained the upper hand but Lee was able to avoid the 619. Lee then pinned Dominik with his finishing move to capture the title. Lee celebrated with Rey after the match.