Results of the 2023 men’s WWE Royal Rumble match

Here are the highlights of the 2023 men’s WWE Royal Rumble match…

* Before the match started, Pat McAfee returned from his hiatus to do commentary with Michael Cole and Corey Graves.

* Gunther and Sheamus were the first two entrants in the match. Miz was #3 but didn’t get in the ring right away. Kofi Kingston was #4 and cleaned house on everyone. Johnny Gargano was #5. Miz was the first person eliminated from the match via Sheamus and Gargano.

* Xavier Woods was #6 and he worked with Kofi against the others. Karrion Kross was #7. Chad Gable was #8 and had a mat wrestling exchange with Xavier. Drew McIntyre was #9, eliminated Kross, and exchanged chops with Gunther. Santos Escobar was #10. Angelo Dawkins was #11. Gunther sent Kofi out of the ring into a chair but one of Kofi’s feet didn’t touch the floor. However, it appeared that Kofi was in fact eliminated.

* Brock Lesnar was #12 but McIntyre and Sheamus were ready for him. However, Lesnar quickly started taking people to suplex city and then eliminated multiple people. Lesnar then had a staredown with Gunther which got a big pop. Bobby Lashley entered at #13 and started cleaning house with spears. Lesnar tried to hit a F5 but Lashley escaped and clotheslined Lesnar over the top to eliminate him. Baron Corbin was #14 but Lesnar attacked Corbin in anger and hit an F5 on the floor.

* Seth Rollins was #15 and threw Corbin into the ring. Corbin was then quickly eliminated as McAfee laughed. Otis was #16. Rollins scored a big elimination by sending Lashley over the top.

* Rey Mysterio was #17 but didn’t appear. Dominik Mysterio was #18 and was wearing his dad’s mask. Dominik ripped up the mask as Michael Cole called him a piece of sh*t.

* Elias was #19 and hit Gunther with his guitar but was quickly eliminated after getting hit with a brogue kick/claymore combo. Finn Balor was #20 and worked with Dominik to eliminate Gargano. Booker T was #21 as a surprise entrant, hit some moves, and did a spinerooni before being eliminated by Gunther.

* Damian Priest was #22 and helped out his Judgment Day teammates. Montez Ford was #23 but was quickly eliminated but Judgment Day. Edge was #24 as a surprise and went after Judgment Day. Edge ended up eliminating both Priest and Balor. Edge tried to eliminate Dominik but Judgment Day stopped it and Edge was eliminated.

* Austin Theory was #25 but didn’t get into the ring right away as Edge was brawling with Judgement Day by the entrance. Rhea Ripley attacked Edge but then Beth Phoenix arrived and speared Ripley.

* Omos was #26 and started cleaning house. Gunther tried to take Omos down and was chokeslammed. Braun Strowman was #27 and went right after Omos. Strowman ended up eliminating Omos. Ricochet was #28 and worked together with Strowman. Gunther managed to eliminate both Sheamus and McIntyre.

* Logan Paul was #29 as a surprise but several people went after him. However, Logan managed to fight back against the field. However, Strowman caught him with a powerslam.

* Cody Rhodes was the final entrant at #30 and got pyro for his return. Cody eliminated Dominik but was then hit with a powerbomb by Strowman.

* Logan and Ricochet decided to jump from opposite sides of the ring and collided in mid-air which led to a “this is awesome” chant.

* Cody, Theory, Gunther, and Rollins were seemingly the final four. Theory was eliminated to make it three. Gunther was taken down to allow Cody and Rollin to renew their rivalry. Logan, who wasn’t actually eliminated, came back into the ring and threw Rollins over the top. Cody was able to eliminate Logan which led to it being just Cody and Gunther.

* Gunther worked over Cody and came close to scoring the elimination. However, Cody made a comeback and gave Gunther the shattered dreams kick in honor of his brother Dustin. Gunther recovered and hit a powerbomb. Gunther tossed Cody over but Cody’s feet barely missed the floor. Cody managed to hit the cross roads and then clotheslined Gunther over the top to win the match.

* Even though Gunther lost, he set the Rumble record for longest performance in the match.