Results of Bray Wyatt vs. LA Knight from WWE Royal Rumble 2023

Bray Wyatt vs. LA Knight in a Pitch Black Match took place at WWE Royal Rumble 2023. Here are the highlights…

* There were glow in the dark blue and neon lighting effects for the Pitch Black match.

* The fight quickly went to the outside of the ring. LA Knight ended up putting Wyatt through the announce table. Wyatt threw a toolbox into the ring but LA Knight continued the offense. LA Knight used a kendo stick but Wyatt quickly fought back and won with the Sister Abigail in a short match.

* After the match, Wyatt had a different mask on and chased LA Knight outside the ring. Wyatt caught LA Knight in the stands and applied the mandible claw on a platform. Uncle Howdy then appeared and jumped off a balcony onto LA Knight through the platform. Explosions went off as Howdy crashed onto LA Knight.