Results of the 2022 men’s WWE Elimination Chamber match

2022 Men’s WWE Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE Title

* Brock Lesnar made the last entrance but it was Seth Rollins and Austin Theory that started the match. In the early minutes of the match, Rollins buckle bombed Theory through Lashley’s pod.

* Matt Riddle was the 3rd entrant. Officials checked on Lashley from the buckle bomb spot and he was helped out of the chamber.

* AJ Styles was the 4th entrant. Riddle paid homage to Randy Orton and hit the draping DDT to Styles and Rollins.

* Riddle waited for Brock Lesnar but Bobby Lashley was 5th entrant. Brock Lesnar made his entrance anyways quickly pinned both Rollins and Riddle with F5s. At this time, Michael Cole announced that Lashley would not be able to compete due to “concussion protocol.” Lesnar pinned AJ Styles with the F5 and Theory was the only man left. Theory tried to escape but the chamber door was shut. Theory tried to go into a pod and Lesnar broke it to get his hands on Theory. Theory hit a low blow to give himself a chance.

* Theory got a little bit of offense on Lesnar but Lesnar just got angrier. Theory climbed up the chamber but Lesnar climbed up after him. They were both on the top of a pod. Lesnar smashed Theory into the wall and then gave Theory an F5 off the pod to the ground. Lesnar then pinned Theory to win the WWE Title.