Backstage news items from the 2022 Elimination Chamber PLE

Here are some news items from the 2022 Elimination Chamber premium live event courtesy of’s Mike Johnson…

* There were originally plans to have The Undertaker make a cameo appearance but they were dropped and he did not travel to Saudi Arabia for the event. Johnson also confirmed that there had been an idea to have Kurt Angle be part of the show but it was scrapped.

* Cody Rhodes was not in Saudi Arabia for the event but Johnson did note that someone spotted Cody today at the Orlando International Airport in Florida which could be WWE-related.

* As a result of a scary bump during his match against Drew McIntyre, Madcap Moss was checked out by officials backstage and the early belief is that he’ll be fine. While not confirmed, it’s possible that Moss will be evaluated again.

* After losing to Rey Mysterio in the Kickoff match, The Miz cut a backstage promo and said he would be making a phone call to get himself a partner against Rey and Dominik. The word backstage is that Logan Paul will be the partner.