Results of six-pack challenge ladder match for the tag team titles at WWE Wrestlemania 40 Saturday

The Judgment Day (Finn Balor and Damian Priest) (c) vs. DIY (Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa) vs. The Awesome Truth (The Miz and R-Truth) vs. The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods) vs. A-Town Down Under (Austin Theory and Grayson Waller) vs. New Catch Republic (Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate) in a six-pack challenge ladder match for the tag team titles took place at WWE Wrestlemania 40 Saturday. Here are the highlights…

* Theory and Waller tried to climb ladders immediately and then ever everyone was climbing. All participants eventually came off the ladders.

* Bate gave Balor an airplane spin while Balor was holding a ladder and Kofi got hit. Bate then slammed Balor onto another ladder.

* Bate and Dunne climbed a ladder on the outside of the ring and delivered double moonsaults to the other participants.

* R-Truth tried to tag in and finally got it from The Miz. R-Truth hit the John Cena signature moves and gave Balor an AA onto a ladder. R-Truth pinned Balor and celebrated but had to be told by Miz that it was a ladder match.

* DIY paid tribute to DX with a superkick and pedigree to Judgment Day. DIY and Awesome Truth agreed to climb for different ladders for each set of titles but were stopped by Theory and Waller. Theory and Waller then climbed the ladder and won the Smackdown tag team titles. New Catch Republic then took Waller out of the equation by powerbombing him out of the ring through a ladder bridge.

* Kofi laid out Ciampa on a ladder bridge in the ring and Xavier came off the top with a flying elbow. New Day climbed the ladder and Kofi delivered a trust fall to the outside onto the other competitors.

* New Catch Republic stopped Theory with a double burning hammer. Dunne gave Gargano a DDT through a table on the outside of the ring. Back in the ring, Ciampa gave Bate an Air Raid Crash off a ladder to the mat.

* R-Truth tried to climb the ladder but JD McDonagh stopped him. JD helped Balor climb the ladder but New Day stopped them. New Day then tipped over a ladder to send JD outside of the ring through two tables.

* Priest cleared the ring and climbed a ladder but Truth stopped Priest and gave him an AA over the top rope. Truth climbed the ladder and managed to grab the RAW tag team titles. Miz climbed up the ladder and celebrated with Truth.