Results of Seth Rollins vs. Drew McIntyre at WWE Crown Jewel 2023 PLE

Seth Rollins (c) vs. Drew McIntyre for the world heavyweight title took place at the WWE Crown Jewel 2023 PLE. Here are the highlights…

* While some fans were singing Rollins’ song, there were a lot of cheers for McIntyre and the fans sang “Oh Drew McIntyre” as the match started.

* Early in match, Rollins sent McIntyre to the outside of the ring. Rollins went for a dive but was caught and McIntyre gave Rollins a suplex onto the floor. Rollins started selling his back once they returned to the ring.

* Rollins started to build momentum but McIntyre was able to kick out of a springboard moonsault as well as a Falcon Arrow. Rollins hit a superplex but then McIntyre countered another Falcon Arrow with a suplex.

* Rollins went for a buckle bomb but his back gave out on him. McIntyre hit a future shock DDT but Rollins kicked out. McIntyre was sent to the outside and Rollins was successful with his suicide dive on his second attempt. However, McIntyre recovered and sent Rollins back-first into the steel steps. McIntyre then gave Rollins a side slam onto the apron.

* Back in the ring, Rollins managed to hit the pedigree but McIntyre kicked out. McIntyre was able to avoid a stomp and built up momentum. Rollins avoided the claymore and hit a stomp but McIntyre kicked out.

* McIntyre avoided a Phoenix splash and hit the claymore but Rollins kicked out. McIntyre missed a second claymore and Rollins hit a pedigree followed by the stomp to score the victory.

* After the match, Damian Priest attempted to cash in his Money in the Bank contract but Sami Zayn attack him and ran off with the briefcase. Backstage, McIntyre was distraught and Rhea Ripley gave him a “I told you so” look.