Results of Samoa Joe vs. Wardlow for the TNT title at AEW Revolution 2023

Samoa Joe (c) vs. Wardlow for the TNT title took place at AEW Revolution 2023. Here are the highlights…

* Hobbs was watching in one of the arena’s suites.

* Wardlow went right after Joe when the match started and the two brawled on the outside of the ring. Wardlow dominated the early moments of the match but Joe was eventually able to gain the advantage.

* Wardlow was selling his leg but managed to drop Joe with an F5. Wardlow then hit a swanton but Joe kicked out. Joe countered Wardlow and applied a submission but Wardlow got a foot on the rope.

* Wardlow was able to apply his own rear naked choke on Joe. Joe passed out and Wardlow was crowned the new TNT champion.