Results of Jon Moxley vs. Adam Page in a Texas death match at AEW Revolution 2023

Jon Moxley vs. Adam Page in a Texas death match took place at AEW Revolution 2023. Here are the highlights…

* The only way to win was by knockout or submission.

* Page made his entrance to the song Ghost Riders In The Sky. Moxley was attacked during his entrance by Page and the two brawled in the crowd. They got back in the ring and traded shots which erupted into a hockey fight. Moxley went for barbed wire but Page ended up using it on Moxley and Moxley was busted open. Moxley managed to get the barbed wire and use it on Page.

* Moxley pulled out a fork from boots and stabbed Page in the face. Page was busted open and Moxley pulled out chairs from under the ring including one wrapped in barbed wire. Moxley set up the chair in the corner and threw Page face-first into it.

* Page gained momentum when he powerbombed Moxley onto two chairs wrapped in barbed wire. Page wrapped himself in barbed wire and hit his moonsault to Moxley on the outside.

* Moxley turned up the violence by pulling out a chain and two bricks. Moxley sandwiched Page’s fingers in the bricks and then stepped on them. The crowd chanted “you sick f*ck” at Moxley and then Moxley gave Page a piledriver onto the chain.

* Page recovered and gave Moxley a fallaway slam followed by the deadeye onto the barbed wire chair. Page then sent Moxley into a barbed wire board on the outside of the ring.

* Back in the ring, Page went up on the top rope but Moxley knocked Page off and Page crashed onto another barbed wire board. Page was barely able to beat the referee’s ten count. Page got back in the ring and was hit with the king kong lariat but beat the ten count again.

* Page recovered and went for the buckshot lariat but Moxley managed to hit the death rider. Moxley then hit Page with a curb stomp onto one of the bricks but Page somehow beat the count yet again. Moxley immediately applied a rear naked choke but Page was still able to beat the count.

* Page continued to fight but then Moxley hit a low blow. However, Page was able to hit Moxley with a brick. Page then hit a buckshot lariat and then a second one that sent Moxley over the top rope. Page choked Moxley with the chain and Moxley tapped out.