Results of Roman Reigns vs. Logan Paul from WWE Crown Jewel 2022

Roman Reigns (c) vs. Logan Paul for the unified WWE Universal title took place at WWE Crown Jewel 2022. Here are the highlights…

* Logan was lowered from a tall platform for his entrance while pyro went off. Reigns came to the ring with just Paul Heyman by his side.

* The two locked up and Reigns got the best of Logan. Reigns shoved Logan and Logan shoved him back. Logan took down Reigns and went for his lucky punch but Reigns escaped to the outside of the ring. Reigns got back in the ring but Logan kept his momentum going. Logan did a leapfrog, hit Reigns with a hip toss, and then sent Reigns out of the ring.

* After hitting a buckshot lariat, Logan attempted a springboard punch but Reigns caught him with an uppercut. Reigns dominated the match for several minutes and started trash talking. Logan came back and hit Reigns with a gut-wrench suplex. Logan hit a blockbuster off the top but Reigns kicked out.

* Logan managed to hit Reigns with a superman punch but couldn’t make the cover. Logan hit a crossbody off the top and a standing moonsault but Reigns kicked out again. Reigns countered a superkick attempt with a uranage but Logan kicked out. Logan avoided the superman punch and hit the lucky punch. Logan hit another superman punch but Reigns kicked out again.

* Logan placed Reigns on the announce table and grabbed a phone. Logan climbed to the top rope and put Reigns through the table with a frogsplash while holding the phone. The Bloodline came down to check on Reigns and they attacked Logan’s entourage. Jake Paul then made his entrance to confront The Usos. Jake took down The Usos and the match continued.

* Back in the ring, Logan hit a frogsplash off the top but Reigns kicked out again. Solo Sikoa then made his entrance and confronted Jake. Referees and officials ran down to separate them. Logan came over the top with a dive onto the Usos. Logan got back into the ring but Reigns hit him with a superman punch. Reigns then finished off Logan with the spear.