Results of Bianca Belair vs. Bayley from WWE Crown Jewel 2022

Bianca Belair (c) vs. Bayley in a last woman standing for the RAW women’s title took place at WWE Crown Jewel 2022. Here are the highlights…

* Bayley grabbed a kendo stick in the early moments and tried to use it but wasn’t successful. Bayley grabbed a chair but Bianca kicked it into her.

* The two fought on the outside. Bayley placed Bianca in a chair and then hit a running clothesline off the barricade. Bayley grabbed a table from under the ring and set it up. Bayley climbed the top rope but Bianca threw a chair at her.

* The two ended up back on the outside. Bayley tried to trap Bianca under the steel steps but Bianca escaped. Bayley then started using a kendo stick on Bianca. Bianca fought off the attack and gave Bayley a spinebuster onto the steps.

* Bayley tried to escape but Bianca caught up with her by the stage. Bayley hit the Bayley to belly on the stage but Bianca got up in time. Bayley trapped Bianca in a production case but Bianca escaped.

* Bayley tried to run down Bianca with a golf cart but Bianca avoided being hit. Both ended up on top of the golf cart. Bianca left Bayley on top of the cart and drove it to ringside. Bianca then sent Bayley off the cart onto the table. The table didn’t break so Bianca powerbombed Bayley through the table. Bayley barely beat the 10 count.

* Back in the ring, Bianca laid Bayley on a stack of chairs. Bianca went for a 450 splash but Bayley moved. Bianca was barely able to get up before the 10 count.

* Bianca hit Bayley with a KOD knee-first onto a chair. Bianca then trapped Bayley in the corner with a ladder and Bayley couldn’t get up in time.