Results of Roman Reigns and The Rock vs. Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins at WWE Wrestlemania 40 Saturday

Roman Reigns and The Rock vs. Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins took place at WWE Wrestlemania 40 Saturday. Here are the highlights…

* Cody’s mom was at ringside for the match.

* There was a Brahma bull design on the stage that was set on fire for The Rock’s entrance. Rock brought out his “People’s Champion” title belt from the 2024 Hall of Fame ceremony.

* The crowd popped for the start of the match as there was a staredown between the four men. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins started the match and there was a feeling out process. Reigns got the upper hand and Cody tagged in to mix it up with Reigns.

* Reigns finally tagged out to Rock and Rock went at it with Rollins. Rock took down Rollins and did the “just bring it” gesture to Cody so Rollins tagged out. The crowd started a “Rocky” chant as the two locked up. Cody and Rollins double teamed Rock and all four men ended up in the ring. There was another staredown before they started brawling.

* All four men went to the outside of the ring. Rock threatened to fire the referee if he counted them out and said he “don’t f*ck around.”

* Rock/Rollins fought in the crowd while Reigns/Cody fought on the stage. The tide turned in favor of Rock and Reigns when Rollins’ started favoring the knee that put him out of action earlier in 2024. Rock and Reigns started targeting the bad knee.

* Rollins attempted to tag Cody but Reigns pulled Cody off the apron. Rock applied a sharpshooter to Rollins but Cody broke it up. Rollins hit a stomp to Rock and was finally able to tag out to Cody.

* Cody hit a Cody cutter to Reigns but Reigns kicked out. Reigns recovered and hit a superman punch but Cody kicked out. Reigns, who had a bloody nose, went for a spear but Cody avoided it. Rollins tagged in and hit a frogsplash but Reigns kicked out again. Cody came back in and Reigns was double teamed. Rollins hit a stomp to Reigns and Cody took down Reigns with Cross Rhodes but Rock pulled the referee out of the ring.

* Reigns gave Cody a low blow and hit a spear to Cody. Rock got the referee back in the ring but Cody kicked out. Rock applied the guillotine to Cody and Rock held down Cody’s foot but then Rollins hit Reigns with a stomp.

* Rock tagged back in and grabbed his weight lifting belt. Cody fought back and the referee got rid of the belt. Rock took down Cody with the spinebuster and went for the people’s elbow but Cody countered with the Cody cutter. Cody went for Cross Rhodes but Reigns hit Cody with a superman punch.

* Reigns went for a spear to Cody but accidentally hit The Rock. Cody and Rollins hit dueling pedigrees but both men Reigns and Rock kicked out.

* The fight went back to the outside of the ring. Cody gave Rock a Rock Bottom through the announce table but then Reigns speared Rollins through the barricade.

* * Back in the ring, Reigns tagged in. Reigns and Cody traded shots. Cody hit multiple cross roads but Reigns hit Cody with the weightlifting belt. Reigns then hit Cody with the spear and tagged Rock back in. Rock pinned Cody after hitting the Rock Bottom and People’s Elbow. The match went just over 44 minutes.