Results of RK-Bro vs. Street Profits vs. Alpha Academy at WWE Wrestlemania 38

RK-Bro (c) vs. The Street Profits vs. Alpha Academy for the RAW tag team titles took place at WWE Wrestlemania 38 Sunday. Here are the highlights…

* The show started with an appearance from Triple H which included a full entrance. He left his boots in the ring as the crowd did a “thank you Hunter” chant. He got on the mic and said “thank you” t the fans. He welcomed everyone to Wrestlemania and then pyro went off. He hugged his family at ringside before taking his leave.

* Three people (one participant from each team) were allowed in the ring at the same time. However, things quickly broke down and everyone but Otis ended up on the outside of the ring. Everyone got back in the ring and started brawling. Ford did his dive over the ring post to the participants on the outside and then Gable hit a moonsault to everyone.

* Gable and Otis slowed down the pace and worked over the leg of Riddle. Dawkins tagged in and dominated Gable and Riddle until Otis stopped the momentum.

* Orton finally got the hot tag and hit his signature moves including slams on the announce table. Orton and Riddle hit stereo draping DDTs.

* The momentum kept switching between the teams. Ford hit a blockbuster off the top rope but Gable kicked out and the fans started a “this is awesome” chant. Ford went for a frogsplash but Riddle caught him with a super RKO. Gable jumped off the top rope and was caught by Orton with an RKO. Orton pinned Gable to score the victory.

* After the match, the Street Profits showed sportsman by offering drinks to Orton and Riddle. In addition to that, Ford invited Gable Steveson into the ring. The five of them were going to toast but Chad knocked the drink out of Steveson’s hand. Chad got on the mic and said Steveson had a lot to learn. Chad told Steveson to “Shoosh” and Steveson gave Chad a suplex. Steveson then went to the outside and had the post-match toast with RK-Bro and the Street Profits.