Results of Bobby Lashley vs. Omos at WWE Wrestlemania 38

Bobby Lashley vs. Omos took place at WWE Wrestlemania 38 Sunday. Here are the highlights…

* Omos took down Lashley with one shot at the start of the match. Lashley tried to pick up Omos but was unsuccessful. Lashley slapped Omos but then got hit with a big boot.

* Lashley sidestepped Omos into the corner and attempted to put on the Hurt Lock. Lashley tried to jump off the top but was caught by Omos and dropped to the mat.

* Omos continued to dominate Lashley and put him in a bear hug. Lashley escaped and built up some momentum. Lashley was finally able to suplex Omos and then hit a spear. Lashley hit another spear and scored the victory.