Results of Pat McAfee vs. Austin Theory at WWE Wrestlemania 38

Pat McAfee vs. Austin Theory took place at WWE Wrestlemania 38 Sunday. Here are the highlights…

* Before the match, The Undertaker made another appearance on the stage and saluted the fans. Unlike the previous night, Undertaker held up his fist at the end.

* Vince McMahon came down to the ring for the match and introduced Austin Theory as a future World Champion. Theory made his entrance and took a selfie with Vince.

* The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders were part of McAfee’s entrance and he came to the ring to Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes. McAfee also kicked a football into the crowd.

* McAfee took shots at Theory right when the match started as Vince sat down at ringside. Theory ducked into the ropes and then took a cheap shot to the throat. McAfee quickly recovered and hit a hurricanrana to Theory. Theory regained control as the crowd chanted for McAfee and hummed the Seven Nation Army tune.

* Theory worked over McAfee for a while but then McAfee tackled Theory off the apron and Theory crashed into the announce table. McAfee grabbed a headset and started doing commentary. McAfee then threw a drink onto Theory. Back in the ring, McAfee went for a swanton bomb but missed.

* Theory was on the top rope but then McAfee jumped up and hit a superplex to Theory. Theory was able to kick out and then avoided a punt. Theory tried to finish off McAfee but McAfee rolled up Theory and scored the pinfall victory.

* After the match, Vince took off his jacket and shirt. Vince got into the ring and a referee got into the ring. Theory then attacked McAfee from behind. The bell rang to start a match and Vince clotheslined McAfee several times.

* Vince threw McAfee into the turnbuckle and McAfee got angry. Theory tripped McAfee and crotched him into the ring post.

* Vince was given a football by Theory and punted it into the ribs of Theory. Vince then pinned Theory to win the match. Vince raised Theory’s hand and then Steve Austin came out to the ring. Theory went after Austin but Austin ended up hitting Theory with a stunner.

* Austin confronted Vince and offered him a beer. Vince tasted the beer and toasted Austin. Of course, Austin then hit Vince with a stunner. Austin stomped Vince out of the ring and then brought McAfee back into the ring. The two of them drank beer and saluted the fans. Austin then gave McAfee a stunner as well. McAfee rolled to the outside and drank some more beer on the floor.